INDx Indication Extensions

Precision Repositioning with Companion Patient Stratification Biomarkers

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Our INDx indication extension platform provides you with new commercial opportunities to reposition your patented drugs and candidates in novel indications with significant revenue potential and patient benefits.

We use our unique high-resolution patient stratification insights across over 30 disease areas to systematically identify new opportunities for your assets to accelerate your entry into new markets at reduced risk and cost.

Analyze your current pipeline and in-licensing candidates to evaluate their indication extension potential.

What INDx provides you:

Green tick Prioritized list of your validated indication extension opportunities Green tick Full method of use patent filing and supporting data packages
Green tick Efficacy prediction scores for your opportunities Green tick Patient stratification biomarkers for your drugs in the new indications

Discover new commercial opportunities

Our unique high-resolution patient stratification studies uncover the mechanistic architecture of disease biology.
We've used this to identify all of the clinically relevant patient subgroups across over 30 major disorders and the mechanisms underpinning their disease.

We store these proprietary insights in our DiseaseBank™, which we're growing by 2 new diseases per month, ready to systematically map your assets and in-licensing candidates to a growing list of indications to find the most valuable commercial and clinical opportunities for you to expand your drugs into new markets.


Your INDx Innovation Engine

Proprietary data repository containing novel insights from >30 disease studies + 2 new indications added every month


Patient Stratification Biomarkers

Achieve higher returns, faster

Detailed patient stratification is essential for identifying your indication extension opportunities and evaluating their potential.

Our combinatorial analytics platform reveals deeper insights into the complex biology underpinning diseases.

This means we can stratify large patient datasets in high resolution and identify biomarkers that accurately map your targets to the patient subgroups in over 30 other diseases who will respond and benefit from drugs targeting those mechanisms.

These insights will enable your new precision medicines to deliver higher and faster returns in value-based healthcare.



Increase revenue potential

We evaluate each of your indication extension opportunities to prioritize those with the highest market value and easiest route to market - maximizing the revenue potential from your R&D and in-licensed assets.

This includes detailed analysis of:

  • Population prevalence and patient stratification
  • Mechanism of action hypothesis
  • Dosage and route of administration
  • Published and proprietary clinical evidence
  • FTO and composition of matter patent life
  • Efficacy potential prediction scores
  • Regulatory environment
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Getting started is easy

The three-step INDx process delivers an initial pipeline assessment at no cost, with further disclosures through an efficient licensing and patenting process for the new INDx opportunities and on-going evaluation of your pipeline assets.


INDx Assessment

We identify INDx opportunities with supporting patient stratification biomarkers across your entire pipeline


INDx Review

We provide full disclosure of your prioritized and fully evidenced list of INDx indication extension opportunities


INDx Licensing

Indication extension and patient stratification biomarker data support packages with exclusive licensing of use patents


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INDx Subscription

Our coverage of chronic diseases is growing rapidly. We're adding two new indications to DiseaseBank™ every month, and INDx subscribers get to analyze their opportunities in these new indications first.

As an INDx subscriber, you'll never miss an opportunity to:

  • Evaluate your new drug targets against a continually growing set of indications
  • Get priority alerts for new INDx opportunities as new indications are added to DiseaseBank™
  • Evaluate your acquisitions and in-licensing prospects
  • Influence how we prioritize new therapeutic area disease studies for inclusion in DiseaseBank™


A mid-sized pharmaceutical company wanted to maximize the value of its patented assets by identifying new commercial opportunities for its approved drugs and candidates.

PrecisionLife performed a systematic analysis of the company’s pipeline and on-market assets, mapping to our unique disease insights in DiseaseBank™. We then evaluated each opportunity to prioritize those with the highest market value and easiest route to approval.

Our analysis identified 6 priority opportunities to extend into high-value indications within key therapeutic areas. The opportunities were in late-stage trials with an already established safety profile and a third of the opportunities were for drugs already approved and on-market.

Prioritized INDx opportunities therapeutic areas

Prioritized INDx opportunities stages of development

Each opportunity included patient stratification biomarkers and high efficacy prediction scores to minimize the risk of expensive trial failures due to efficacy and enable effective new treatments to get to market quicker for the benefit of patients.

Download the INDx infosheet

Find out more about INDx indication extensions and see selected examples of information provided in an INDx pipeline assessment

Download Indication Extension INDx infosheet
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Reposition into new indications with supporting patient stratification biomarkers

Discuss a free INDx assessment of your pipeline with our experts

PrecisionLife is a global techbio company driving precision medicine in chronic diseases with combinatorial analytics and patient stratification that is powering more personalized drug discovery, clinical development, and healthcare.

We generate more insights from patient data than any other approach to understand the real drivers of disease biology at a level of resolution that nobody else can achieve.


These unique insights are enabling us and our partners to revolutionize drug discovery with novel targets and precision drug repositioning for unmet medical needs, achieve more successful clinical trials, and transform healthcare with precision diagnostics and clinical decision support tools.

Together we are delivering a new age of better, more personalized therapy options to improve health, for everyone.